What Are Transparent Brackets To Choose?

It’s no secret that beautiful smile – a real way to success. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of it. That’s why experts recommend using modern tools that enable you to straighten crooked or wrong teeth. Typical in such cases. In this article we describe how they choose and which functions they have.


Currently, most people choose clear braces. What is the reason? Their main advantage is the aesthetic appearance.

There are brackets of transparent sapphire and ceramic. Their main difference is the material used for its manufacture.

Thanks to these orthodontic aids, we can fully meet his desire and set brackets to which no one will pay attention.


Transparent ceramic brackets can have a different degree of transparency. They are characterized by a fairly wide palette of colors, which are ideal for any color of the tooth enamel.

Reflections Suspenders, manufactured by Ortho Technology, have long been proven to be aesthetic and reliable. They are made of polycrystalline ceramic with aluminum oxide. Such material does not cause allergic reactions from people, no feeling of discomfort.

What Are Transparent Brackets To Choose

So transparent ceramic brackets Clarity ADVANCED group produces the American firm 3M Unitek. As is well known, they are called ligature. Such an orthodontic structure is characterized by finesse and perfect appearance. They allow a person to open a new page in aesthetic orthodontics.

In addition, the same company produced and bezligaturnye or self ligating brackets Clarity SL. For their production, no plastic ligatures, which in fact means fixed arc.

Which other transparent ceramic bracket? These include model Aspire. plated metal a groove in its structure. This device combines the best sliding mechanics and aesthetic naturalness.


Transparent sapphire supports made from polycrystalline aluminum oxide. They can be self-ligating. During treatment, small force is wasted, effectively and with a low coefficient of friction to make the teeth move.


Sapphire Inspire ICE sturdy sets are made from artificial sapphire crystals. They have excellent transparency, a perfect aesthetic appearance and special functions. Braces from this company are durable attachment to the tooth enamel.

The company’s design made from a single crystal. They are characterized by a high gloss and a special aesthetic.

Recently, great popularity began to use new items from OrthoTechnology company. They are completely transparent, have a small size and aesthetic appearance. Due to the fact that the coating of this device is zirconium oxide, it is firmly attached and removed.


Another form of orthodontic equipment are transparent plastic braces on your teeth. This is most accessible to the unit patients. They are made of special plastic, so that the color is adjusted for a natural tooth color.


To determine the choice of such structures, it is necessary to consider all the pros and cons. The only way you will be able to see if this device is suitable for you or not.


The main advantages of these structures are:


  • low degree of discomfort (during wear, irritation of the oral mucosa and undisturbed diction occurs);
  • aesthetic appearance (such devices practically invisible on the teeth);
  • the price is slightly lower than that of sapphire brackets.

What factors can you stop when you purchase these designs? These disadvantages are the following specialists:

  • large friction between the large arc of the bracket and the groove, thereby considerably extending the treatment period;
  • the high cost of construction compared to metal and plastic brackets.


Why do some people opt for transparent sapphire brackets (photo design presented in this article)? According to experts, the main benefits of such devices are:

  • determination of strength (they attach much safer other types of brackets);
  • aesthetics (possibly such constructions not yellow and shimmer beautiful light);
  • no violations of dictation and comfortable to wear.

Speaking of the shortcomings of these devices, it should be noted that:

  • they have the highest costs among all other consoles;
  • they have a very fragile (requires gentle care for the design);
  • they have a high friction between the teeth and the arc of the bracket, which significantly slows down equalization teeth and occlusion;
  • they are not suitable for the teeth that are too dark (you need to perform a preliminary bleaching). PROS AND CONS OF SAPPHIRE DEVICES


Plastic transparent brackets are very popular among patients. This is due to the following:

  • they quite reasonable price (much cheaper plastic units of other materials used for the manufacture of aesthetic systems);
  • they have a high aesthetic (the braces are almost invisible on the teeth);
  • make them more attractive for young people and children (usually this form of orthodontic equipment is seen as decoration);
  • they gipoallegrenny (which is suitable for all patients).

However, one cannot say that such systems exist and have quite a few drawbacks. Consider the disadvantages of clear plastic brackets:

  • they have an increased tendency to pigmentation (because of the porosity of the plastic pigments accumulate therein, as well as dyes, because they turn yellow quickly and lose their aesthetic appearance);
  • they have relatively low low strength (plastic structures are unstable due to mechanical stress, which increases the risk of damage to brackets and must be replaced);
  • they have a large coefficient of friction (such as feature systems impedes tooth movement, which affects the duration of treatment).


Now you know what the most durable clear braces, and what – the cheapest. After considering all the “pros” and “cons”, you are sure it is the orthodontic structure that contribute to the alignment of your teeth and will therefore not be noticeable to the people around them.

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