immediate dentures

Emergency dentures (immediate dentures)

Do I get dentures immediately after pulling my teeth and choosing a tooth? Yes, this denture, also called immediate or emergency denture, is often placed in the mouth immediately after the last teeth have been removed.

One of the most radical treatments in oral care is the loss of all teeth and molars and getting dentures. Before a dentist places such dentures, he or she first prints the denture. Dental models are made of these prints and are a copy of the teeth.

The dental laboratory needs these dental models to make up the dentures. In addition, the dental laboratory would like to know how the molars should be placed on top of each other. To record this, the dentist has the patient close up in wax. The laboratory can then start using these models.

What will the jaws look like with dentures?

The technician makes an estimate based on the dental models: what will the jaws look like after the teeth have been pulled and the molars? The dental model is adjusted accordingly. Now the dental technician can wash the dentures with wax. Because the teeth and molars of the patient are still partly in the mouth, this is usually not appropriate. It is therefore possible to see in advance what it will look like. If approved, the dentures can be finished for placement.

Teeth and molars attract teeth

The dentist will numb the patient well and the teeth and molars are removed. The dentures are then placed over the wounds. It works as if it were as a pressure bandage. The patient is instructed to hold the teeth 24 hours. It can then be taken out and cleaned.

Complaints after placement of dentures

In the beginning, such an immediate bite gives many complaints. In the first place the wounds will have to heal, but in addition the patient will have to get used to the new teeth and full mouth. The wounds are usually healed after about 2 weeks and that is better. It may also be necessary that the teeth will still be adjusted in a few places in the first few weeks because it is too heavy on the jaw or is painful.

Sit loosely or pinch dentures

In the first three months to six months, the jaw will change significantly if there are no teeth and molars left in it. Since the dentures are made of a hard plastic, this will not automatically change with the jaw. The teeth will become too loose and will become looser. This can then be filled with a temporary soft layer until the jaw shape is more stable.

When the worst changes of the jaw are over, the prosthesis can be modified with a new layer of plastic that is a bit more durable and can last a long time. The prosthesis therefore usually becomes more comfortable.

Depending on how the teeth are going, it is often looked into after a year what else can be done. The teeth can still be adjusted, but often new teeth are made, whether or not in combination with implants in the lower jaw.

source: prof. dr. Marco Cune

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