Brackets for adults

Brackets for adults Aligner (invisible case)

Invisible brace consists of a series of removable, transparent sleeves (aligners) that are tailor-made especially for your teeth. This cover is loose on the teeth and does not have to be worn during eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. Every two weeks the aligner is replaced by a new ‘cover’ that is slightly different from the previous one. This way your teeth and molars are moved step by step to the desired position. Unfortunately, this bracket is not possible in all cases.

Ceramic clasp bracket


This bracket has ceramic brackets (brackets) of the same color as the teeth. This makes it almost invisible during use. The brackets are glued to each individual tooth or molar with a special glue. A wire between the brackets ensures that the teeth are pushed into the right place. It is never too late to take a clasp bracket: it gives a great result at all ages.

Of course you can also use a normal steel clasp bracket.

Benefit Molar Distalizer

Benefit Molar Distalizer system for correction of an overbite. The Benefit Molar Distalizer moves the upper molars, creating more space in the mouth, so that crooked teeth can be straightened. How it works can be seen in the video

Retention brackets (to retain the good result)

If your braces are allowed out, you have nice and regular teeth. Teeth and molars often tend to return to the starting position just after the brace treatment. To retain the good result, you often receive a retention bracket after brace treatment. Retention brackets ensure that your teeth and molars can grow well in their new place. There are many different types of retention brackets:



A splint is a thin metal wire that is stuck to the inside of your front teeth. The wire ensures that your teeth cannot shift. A splint often stays in place for several years, you hardly notice this. This way your teeth and molars get enough time to stay neatly in their new place.

Night bracket

Night bracket

A night brace or ‘OIR’ (Oral Invisible Retainer) is a kind of plastic cover that you can slide over your teeth. The case fits exactly to your teeth, so your teeth cannot slide away. After a year you can wear the OIR less and less. If you notice that the bracket is tightened, put it back in more often. Wear the night braces until your teeth and molars have stuck well.

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