Are invisible brackets better than traditional brackets?

Are invisible brackets better than traditional brackets?

Tooth decay

Traditional braces with wires can cause tooth decay. It is not possible to remove these brackets when you brush and float. This allows bacteria and food residues to collect under the wires and braces, which can lead to tooth decay. People who wear braces belong to the category with the highest risk when it comes to dental caries.


Because your dentist or orthodontist does not have to push and pull on your clear plastic aligners, you will feel more comfortable with an invisible brace. Although the discomfort diminishes after a month or so, wires and brackets will cause more discomfort than clear braces. Invisible braces are the comfortable way to get a nice smile.

Problems with oral equipment

As with any other device, it can go wrong with conventional brackets. Some of the things you can experience include:

  • Broken wires
  • Broken brackets
  • Loose brackets
  • Loose tires
  • Threads that protrude

Although most problems can be repaired on site, loose or broken wires, loose tires or broken brackets will take some time to repair. Although your dentist is able to reattach the braces and wires or move the braces and wires, you may need to replace them.

With an invisible bracket you never have to worry about broken wires or brackets, because the transparent plastic aligners are flexible and resistant to wear.

More time

Conventional brackets can take up to two years to do what they are supposed to do. With an invisible brace, patients can expect results within 6 months, with the average patient getting a smoother smile within 12 to 18 months.


Even if you opt for clear brackets and clear wires, your brackets will remain visible. Every time you smile, people see your wires and brackets. An invisible bracket uses a series of 11 to 31 sets of transparent plastic aligners that are almost invisible. No one will know that you wear invisible braces unless you tell them yourself.

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